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Team Sanlam Painted Wolf

Team Sanlam Painted Wolf associates
with the name “Painted Wolf” for 2 reasons.

  • 1) Painted Wolfs (Wild dog or Lycaon Pictus) hunting skills are characterised by efficiency and teamwork in a pack.
  • 2) Painted Wolfs are on the list of endangered species. By racing under the Team Painted Wolf name, the team aims to raise awareness and much needed funds.

Team Painted Wolf has partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and is raising funds for the Carnivore Conservation Programme (EWT-CCP). Large carnivores play a key role in regulating terrestrial ecosystems and their removal can cause effects that cascade through the lower trophic levels. Despite this, the geographic range and density of most large carnivore species are declining globally due to anthropogenic factors. Large carnivores are particularly difficult to conserve because they often come into conflict with humans, have large ranges, normally occur at low densities and are not confined to protected areas. The EWT-CCP focuses on the conservation of carnivores and their habitats. The EWT-CCP has made huge strides in Cheetah and Wild Dog conservation in South Africa and is recognised as a leader in the field of carnivore conservation. For more information go to -

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