History of Team Sanlam Painted Wolf

Team Painted Wolf

What is the history of Team Sanlam Painted Wolf?

It takes years for a good expedition team to develop. The only way of discovering a person's Expedition Racing pedigree is through Expedition Racing itself. The members of Team Sanlam Painted Wolf have sought each other out during a decade of endurance events and amalgamated with the express aim of success on the international stage.

Brothers Mark and John Collins have been participating in Adventure Racing since 1997. They have formed Team Mazda which dominated Adventure Racing in the early 2000 and amongst many other successes achieved a 4th place in the Eco Challenge Fiji 2002 out of 89 international teams, arguably still the best result by a South African Team in international Expedition Racing to date.

Andre Gie raced with Team Adventure Addicts which succeeded Team Mazda as South Africa's foremost Adventure Racing Team following the “retirement” of Team Mazda.

Jeannie Dreyer is one of the most accomplished South African Woman multisport athlete of her generation. She is regarded as South Africa's best woman Expedition Racer

Team Sanlam Painted Wolf was formed in March 2014 and returned to the sage of Adventure Racing. The team took part in the Expedition Africa, beating all 30 other African teams.

In 2016 Team Featherbed Painted Wolf won Expedition Africa.

Why "Painted Wolf"

The team derives its name from the direct English translation of the Latin name for the African Wild Dog Lycaon pictus or “The Painted Wolf”

The word ‘Painted’ references the beautiful and individual markings. The word ‘Wolf’ references the species’ close relation to wolves. The common name of Wild Dogs can be misleading and is blamed for many misconceptions about these magnificent animals.

Lycaon pictus is a social and cooperative species. 'Lycaon pictus' hunting is characterised by efficiency and teamwork in a pack and has the highest consistent successful kill rate of any African predator.

Lycaon pictus in a species on the edge of extinction largely due to loss of habitat as a consequence of man’s relentless expansion. Team Sanlam Painted Wolf wants to raise awareness and funds needed to protect South Africa’s Painted Wolfs. In order to do so we chose the Endangered Wildlife Trust and their Carnivore Project as the charity of our choice. www.ewt.org.za or on www.givengain.com


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