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03 November, 2016

Sanlam sponsors Team Painted Wolf for Adventure Racing World Championship


Pan-African financial services company, Sanlam, is excited to announce its role as title sponsor of South Africa’s elite adventure racing team Painted Wolf, now known as Team Sanlam Painted Wolf. As winners of the 2016 Expedition Africa race, Team Sanlam Painted Wolf will compete in the world renowned Adventure Racing World Championships in an adventurous and remote Australian destination, starting on 10 November 2016.

The Adventure Racing World Championship 2016 brings teams of four from around the world to trek, mountain bike, and kayak, competing against each other for four to eight days. Team Sanlam Painted Wolf is made up of Knysna brothers and business owners Mark Collins (47) and John Collins (42), Cape Town paediatrician Dr Andre Gie (34) and Stellenbosch engineer Robyn Owen (26), who will race day and night over a 627km course pushing themselves to the ultimate limits of human endurance. It’s said that completing this challenge, which the winning team is likely to complete in 96 hours, can be compared to doing the Comrades Ultra Marathon, the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Dusi Canoe Marathon back-to-back, three times.

“We are thrilled to partner with highly driven and successful athletes as their philosophy in racing bears a strong resemblance to what we believe at Sanlam,” says Yegs Ramiah, Chief Executive of Sanlam Brand. “Similar to Wealthsmiths™, it takes tireless dedication, precision and commitment to become an expert in your chosen field. Team Sanlam Painted Wolf fully understands that a lot can come from very little – every 1% of improvement with every step taken and decision made can add up to something truly remarkable. We wish them everything of the best as they take on this ultimate challenge.”

“We are thrilled to partner with highly driven and successful athletes as their philosophy in racing bears a strong resemblance to what we believe at Sanlam,”

- Yegs Ramiah

“The World Championship is a life ambition for us,” says Mark Collins, Team Sanlam Painted Wolf captain “and we are thrilled to have Sanlam partner with us to make it happen. Success in adventure racing begins with getting the right team, the right mind-set, the right preparation and the right tools for the job to deal with the diverse and unpredictable nature of the challenge. Sanlam identifies with this, which is why they are the best team to have on board.”

Like Wealthsmiths™, having a sound strategy and staying the course is a vital component of success for adventure racers. Team Sanlam Painted Wolf believes executing your strategy takes focus and discipline and a refusal to give up.

It will take the team 100% and more to complete the race. Any team harbouring ambitions to win needs excellent preparation, a sound strategy and the confidence to make bold decisions. The front runners will sleep for no more than six hours during this period and the rest of the time they will be moving. Just staying on course night and day will be a challenge as the teams have to navigate using only a map and compass.

Team Sanlam Painted Wolf are not only taking on this challenge with the hopes of a podium finish, they are also doing it for good. The team aims to raise awareness and funds for the endangered African Wild Dog, the namesake of their team.

Follow Team Sanlam Painted Wolf’s daily progress on their Facebook page.
You can also track the Adventure Racing World Championships LIVE from 10 November 2016.

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